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Because of our longstanding connection with the University of Michigan, we have access to some of the best library materials and databases in the country. EMPA routinely checks court records using Lexis-Nexis© to minimize the likelihood of litigation. We also use databases to access publications in behavioral science, medicine, and business, so that our assessments incorporate recent advances from academia and the world of commerce.

All surveys and assessments are designed to connect meaningful concepts with specific workstyles and behaviors, so that relevant and effective action can be taken to improve motivation and profitability. This combined emphasis on employee motivation and actual financial performance allows us to develop questionnaires that improve communication and accurately measure the subtle concepts that impact employee motivation. Clear business utility is the most important trademark of our work.

Survey Applications

Quality Control (PDF)

Performance Appraisal (PDF)

APHSA Field Guide (PDF)

Why Validity Matters

Causal Linkages (PDF)

Assessment Law (PDF)

Cascading Improvements in Communication (PPT presentation)

News Publications

Wall Street Journal, 2005 (DOC)

Wall Street Journal, 2001 (PDF)

Wall Street Journal, 1998 (PDF)

EMPA Published Articles

Harvard Business Review article:”Getting the Truth into Workplace Surveys” (PDF)

Harvard Business Review article: “Web survey’s Hidden Hazards” (PDF)

Physician Executive, Journal of Medical Management.: “Cascading Improvements in Communication” (PDF)