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EMPA Inc. makes customized surveys and assessments for large corporations.  Our three main products are Performance Assessments (also called Skill Assessments, or Performance Appraisals) Employee Surveys, and Program Assessments. Our assessments provide a high degree of reliability and validity at an aggressively competitive price. We use hierarchical modeling and multivariate inferential statistics to provide a Balanced Scorecard Analysis Table© measuring the linkages between “soft” features of the corporate culture–leadership, teamwork, motivation, etc.–and “hard” metrics–actual revenue, defect rate, profit, staff attrition, etc. This rigorous approach allows us to bridge the gap between people and profits.

Unlike our competitors, we guarantee our work. Since federal law requires that any assessment affecting job assignment, promotion, demotion, hiring, firing, bonuses, or access to training must meet stringent reliability and validity standards, we think a guarantee is essential. When our clients give us appropriate performance metrics for cross-validation, we furnish evidence of our assessment’s reliability and validity–or we’ll refund 100 percent of our fee.

A well-designed assessment:

  1. Generates a cohesive set of well-substantiated and actionable recommendations.
  2. Accurately predicts behavior.
  3. Provides quantitative results that control for the role of chance.
  4. Furnishes data quantifying causal linkages between soft concepts and real performance.
  5. Has high reliability coefficients.
  6. Includes evidence of validity good enough to stand up in court.
  7. Is clear, brief, accurate and direct–especially important attributes in the world of business.

If your company is using an assessment that doesn’t meet these criteria, we urge you to re-think your approach–regardless of who you turn to for assistance. An assessment that can’t provide reliability, validity and business utility is a wasteful disservice to all involved.